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Registered Charity Number: 1066057

Amy Austin
Level 3 Pre-School Practitioner

Paediatric First Aid (2017)

Supporting Boys (2018)
L3 Diploma in the children's and young peoples workforce (2014)

Kerry Dickson
Level 2 Pre-School Practitioner ​

Basic Child Protection (2017)

L2 NVQ in Child Care & Education (1994)
Paediatric First Aid (2017)

Jo Kingman ​
Senior Level 3 Pre-School Practitioner

Designated Person ENCo training (2017)

Schema in Action (2015)

Paediatric First Aid (2016)

L3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (2017)

Our Pre-School staff are a caring and close knit team who have many years' experience working with young children. They are all highly qualified and have a great skill-set to ensure all the children who attend the Pre-School have their developmental needs met.

All the staff have been assessed by Ofsted and have passed enhanced checks with the Disclosure Baring Service, are epi-pen trained and have completed paediatric first aid training.

Each child that attends the Pre-School will be assigned a key person, who will work with them, help them to settle in, make friends, assess their needs and progress, meet with parents and help with daily activities.

Nathalie Dodds
Deputy Pre-School Leader 

Designated Person for Child Protection (2018)
Designated Person SENCo Training (2018)

Diploma in Preschool Practice Level 3 (2012)
Paediatric First Aid (2018)
​Certificate in Pre-school Practice level 2 (2011)​

Meet the Team...

Samantha Hitchen
Pre-School Leader

​Early Years Teacher (2017)

Designated Person for Child Protection (2018)
​Paediatric First Aid (2018)
​Foundation Degree in Early Years (2011)
Diploma in Home-based Childcare (2009)
​Assessor Award (2008)     

Kirsty Law
Senior Level 3 Pre-School Practitioner

Designated Person for Child Protection (2018)

ECAT - Every Child a Talker (2017)

Paediatric First Aid (2019)
​L3 Diploma in Child Care & Education (2009)

​Teaching Staff and Qualificationsour paragraph here.

Emma Anderson
Level 2 Pre-School Practitioner

L2 Certificate in Children and Young People's Workforce (2019)

Paediatric First Aid (2018)

Child Protection (2018)