We promote oral health at our setting through our food and drink policy, we ask our parents to contribute a variety of vegetables and snacks and give suggestions of these in our welcome pack. 

The children are encourage to bring only water in their bottles and we have cups and jugs with water available all the time. 

Our snack board allows the children to use visuals to place heathy and unhealthy foods into categories to aid in broadening their knowledge.

Our phonics lessons will aid in strenghtening tounge muscles to form shapes and create sounds.

We have various visuals on our notice board to create talking points with children about their own experiences.

Healthy snack include:


  • Breadsticks
  • Pitta Bread
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables

Please do not send children to school with NUTS or other items which cause severe allergic reactions.



Educating our children about healthy eating is a key aim of the pre-school and we are an accredited organisation for healthy eating with an 5 star rating from the local food council. 

Snack time consists of a fruit plate which children are encouraged to bring in contributions for at the start of the day (one item of fruit each day per child is the suggested contribution but many generously provide more than this).

The fruit is supplemented by additional healthy snacks such as pitta breads, breadsticks and cheese. 

NB:  We ask parents not to send children with nuts or sesame as we have children who currently have severe allergic reactions to these foods. 

Please speak to the pre-school leader for more information on this year’s exclusions.

The snack is accompanied by drinks of milk or water which the children are encouraged to pour for themselves. In addition, we ensure water is available for children to help themselves to throughout the session.