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If you would like to view any of the school's policies please contact the Chairperson or Pre-school Leader and the policies will be made available.



The school has a full suite of policies and procedures, which are reviewed and approved by the committee and staff annually.



​No smoking is permitted inside or outside our premises.


We respectfully ask that you refrain from using or checking your mobile phone whilst on the premises or in the playground.  


Being a health-promoting setting, the pre-school tries to encourage an all-round healthy lifestyle that includes eating, exercise and a high standard of hygiene in its day-to-day activities. A health and safety check of the premises and equipment is carried out each morning before pre-school begins.


Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have any infection.  Care must be taken when children are grouped together to prevent the spread of infection, especially diarrhoea and vomiting.  No child with diarrhoea and any other infectious disease can be accepted.  48 hours must have elapsed since the cessation of the diarrhoea or vomiting before the child can be readmitted.

We ask you to inform us if our child has any infections, particularly German Measles (Rubella) because of the risk to pregnant women.  The pre-school will alert the other parents as well as making careful observations of any child who seems unwell. Please notify staff if your child has head lice or worms as they can be dealt with if we work together.

Children’s safety is maintained as the highest priority at all times both on and off premises. Every attempt is made through carrying out the outings procedure and the exit/entrance procedure to ensure the security of children is maintained at all times.  In the unlikely event of a child going missing, our missing child procedure is followed.


In the event that a child is not collected by an authorised adult at the end of a session/day, Hail Weston Pre-School Activity Group (HWPAG) puts into practice agreed procedures.  These ensure the child is cared for safely by an experienced and qualified practitioner who is known to the child.  We will ensure that the child receives a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible.


Once parents have left the premises, the outside gates are closed and made secure with a combination lock and padlock.  The gates are only reopened at departure time.


An Accident Record Book is kept for staff and parents to fill in accordingly when an accident has occurred when attending the pre-school.  A parent will need to sign for this to adhere to current legislation. Any bruise, cut or injury will also be noted in the book if found on the child when entering the setting.


The children in the pre-school are ultimately the responsibility of the pre-school staff, who are caring for them instead of parents, that is, in ‘loco parentis’.

When necessary, simple first aid is applied in pre-school. All accidents are recorded in the appropriate accident sheet and are signed by a member of staff and countersigned by the parents. 


Discriminating behaviour/remarks are unacceptable in the pre-school.  We aim to help children to develop self-discipline and respect others. If a child acts inappropriately we give them one-to-one adult support to help them to see why their action was inappropriate and ask them not to do it. If the child continues, we ask them again to stop and further explain that if they do not they will be removed from the situation.

Praise will be given at every opportunity for behaviour such as good manners, succeeding, being kind, sharing and attempting new things. The more positive we are, the better the children will feel about themselves.  We always communicate to the child that it is the inappropriate behaviour that is not acceptable and not the child itself. The staff are happy to discuss your child’s needs and will inform you if there are any causes for concern or when they feel the child is to be particularly praised.


At pre-school it is our intention to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse.  Any suspicion will be dealt with appropriately and advice sought where appropriate.


Children of all needs and mixed abilities will be accepted at the pre-school.  Consultation may be made with parents, specialists, the Office of Children and Young People’s Services (OCYPS) and other advisers to be sure the setting is the right one for them.

The pre-school will make contact with OCYPS with regard to gaining one-to-one help for a special needs child. Each case will be considered on its merit and if it is financially viable an extra member of staff will be employed to take care of a specific child. Nathalie Dodds is our designated member of staff who acts as the Special Needs Co-ordinator.


At Hail Weston Pre-school we will accept children regardless of race, culture, religion, sex or disability. We try to encourage the children to value each other’s individuality.  We appreciate each child has their own level of achievement and praise is given accordingly.


If at any time you feel anxious about any aspect of the pre-school then do speak to the pre-school leader. Should you find the outcome unsatisfactory, you may put the concern or complaint in writing to the Chairperson and request a meeting with the pre-school leader and the Chairperson.


Should your complaint still remain unresolved, you can contact Ofsted by:

  • Phone - 0300 123 1231
  • Email -
  • Post  - Ofsted, The National Business Unit Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD