We know that your Pre-School choice is incredibly important so we welcome all prospective parents and their children to visit Hail Weston, meet the staff and see a session in progress.  
Please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit – we look forward to welcoming you.

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Opening times and fees

We open for 39 weeks each year, in line with local primary school terms.

We are open 5 days a week:


Full AM session 9:00am - 12:00pm


Am + Lunch Club 9.00am -13:00pm 

Am, Lunch + Activity Club  9.00am - 14:30pm 

If you would like to attend the Pre-School please complete this form and return it to the Pre-School.


Registration Fee

A non-refundable £50.00 fee is charged for registration.  This includes a new polo shirt


All sessions should be booked in advance when you register the child at the pre-school to ensure availability.  Additional sessions can be added to the child's standard hours on request if available.  

These sessions will be invoiced half termly at the following prices :

2 - 3 year olds:

  • £15.30 for the AM session

  • £20.40 for Am & Lunch

  • £28.05 for Full day

3+ year olds:

  • £14.40 for the AM session

  • £19.20 for Am & Lunch

  • £26.40 for Full day

Ad-hoc availability:

If there is availability you will be able to book your child in for the club sessions.  These will be on a first come first served basis so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Ad-hoc club prices are £5.50 per hour.

If you withdraw your child from the Pre-School for any reason, we shall require half a terms prior notice and fees are payable for this period.

Government Funding

Government funding is available to all 3 year olds, from the fixed date following their third birthday, as follows:

  • 1 April to 31 August: Term 1 – September
  • 1 September to 31 December: Term 2 – January
  • 1 January to 31 March: Term 3 – April

Each funded child is entitled to 15 hours per week. These 15 hours can be taken with sessions being a minimum of 3 hours. Providers work in different ways to offer the funding, our offer is that the funding hours must fit into the sessions we offer or additional charges will be applied. It may be that not all of your hours you have agreed or requested ‘fit’ in with our funded hours, 

​Staff will be happy to discuss your options.

Government funding is also available for some 2 years if set criteria is met.  Please see this page.

Self Funding

For those not eligible for the NEFS, fees are payable in full each month and are non-refundable. 


Invoices are issued during the first week of each half term and prompt payment is expected. Payment by BACS is preferred to reduce administration work by the Pre-School.  This information is available from the Treasurer