​​​​​​ofsted report 

2019 Ofsted Report

The pre-school was assessed by OFSTED in February 2019 and is very proud to have achieved a GOOD status. 

​Ofsted's Comments

In particular, the inspector made the following comments:

"Staff support children to understand their feelings and learn to manage their behaviour.
Children copy the good example set by staff. They act calmly and positively, treating
one another with kindness and respect".

"Staff organise the environment successfully to create a welcoming and stimulating
space in which to learn. Children move freely between different play areas, leading
their own play and actively engaging in an exciting range of learning activities".

"Children flourish in the pre-school. They form secure attachments to staff who are
caring and attentive to their needs. This supports children's emotional well-being

"Children develop their physical skills and gain a good understanding of healthy

"Children are highly independent. They competently manage their self-care needs, make decisions and share their views".

​"Children are confident communicators and show a keen interest in letters and numbers". 

"Parents comment positively about the provision for  their children. They say 'the staff are amazing' and 'staff take such good care of our children".

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  • Friendly​

  • Commitment

  • Successful

  • Stimulating

  • Opportunity

  • Creative