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​​​​COVID-19 Re-Opening FAQ

What are the key points you have put in place to keep everyone safe?

We have introduced our Safe Operating Procedures

As we approach autumn, it is likely that seasonal coughs and colds will increase. We will however continue to insist that children and employees are only allowed to attend if fit and well. We are therefore only allowing children when they are fit and well.
Anyone displaying symptoms COVID-19 e.g. a high temperature, new, persistent cough and loss of taste and/or smell will not be able to attend

  • Social distancing, as far as possible, will be promoted
  • PPE will be used in the setting during nappy changing, food handling, when caring for a child who is displaying symptoms or when dealing with incidents involving bodily fluids
  • Enhanced cleaning of all areas and especially touch points
  • Regular handwashing
  • Visitors and parents to remain outside of preschool building
  • Careful monitoring of children’s health

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, will parents be told?

If there is a confirmed case connected to the preschool, its staff or children, we will advise you by email and signs around the preschool, whilst maintaining confidentiality

Will staff be tested? From March 2021 staff will be lateral flow tested twice weekly.

At present, all staff will be tested if they display symptoms.

If staff receive a positive lateral flow test they will self isolate and get a PCR test for confirmation.

How will social distancing be respected in preschool?

All families will be asked to respect social distancing when arriving at preschool for drop off and collection.

In preschool, we will aim to achieve this by:

Monitoring our occupancy carefully
Using the outside areas as much as possible
Providing more areas for the children to play
Keeping the same staff member on the same working days as far as possible

Will my child be comforted if upset?

Social distancing must be carefully balanced with ensuring the emotional wellbeing of each child. If your child needs their comforter or a hug, this would never be denied. We know that returning to preschool might be unsettling at first, but we will do everything we can to comfort and reassure them.

Our team is experienced at settling children and nothing has changed. We will care for your child in the same loving ways we always have, offering support and comfort.

Will the staff wear masks? What about if a child displays symptoms?

Government guidance does not recommend the wearing of masks in early year’s settings. It is very important that young children can see our facial expressions. However, masks will be worn by the staff member if a child displays symptoms. The staff member and the child will go to an isolation area until the parents collect.

Will you talk about the virus at preschool?

Whilst we do not want to frighten the children, it is important that we recognise that this has had an impact on them and their families for several months. It might also be that some children might have had a bereavement in the family. We have stories that talk about the virus and the team will talk about the importance of handwashing and coughing safely.

It is important that we are receptive to any thoughts and fears and give the children the opportunity to ask questions.

If we have any concerns, we will always share these with you. It is useful if you can reassure your child about their return to preschool and that they will have friends to play with, they will have fun, but they must wash their hands lots.

Pacey has a lot of useful resources to help you support your child

Dr Dog explains coronavirus –

This book is aimed at early years children and was written by the London School of Hygiene

Why have parents been asked to continue to pay full fees even though you are closing earlier? From 18th May 2021 normal hours will resume.

The staff will be cleaning vigorously at the end of each session to maintain a safe as possible environment for your children

Cleaning will also be increased during the day on regularly touched objects and surfaces

If a child at the preschool is unwell, will I be told?

You will be told if a child tests positive for COVID-19, but the child’s name will remain confidential

Can I have the contact details of parents in my child’s bubble?

We are not able to release parental details due to GDPR 

Due to the setting layout and flexibility of sessions, the preschool will be a whole bubble

How will you encourage children to maintain social distancing but still enable them to play alongside one another?

This is probably one of the hardest issues to manage. Young children are naturally very affectionate with one another and learning to play alongside, together and to share are very important life skills. We will talk to the children about being careful, taking turns, not pushing past each other and so on.

We will ensure the handwashing and hygiene is paramount and that the adults maintain social distancing in such a way as to minimise contact

We must consider that it has been deemed that it is safe to open nurseries and preschool’s and that as long as we adhere to our safe operating procedures, reviewing our practice and being vigilant, then we are doing the best we can do. It is impossible to eliminate all risk.

When will I know who their keyworker is?

The manager and deputy are working as fast as they can to accommodate the variety of booking patterns and sessions that children and staff attend. We are hopeful that you will hear soon but don’t want to make any promises as parents changes are being emailed every day.

You say a child must be tested before they can return if they have been displaying symptoms, but I didn’t think an under 5 was eligible for a test.

From June 1st, if your child is displaying symptoms of coronavirus, you can book a test online through the NHS website. You can phone 111 for advice, but will have to book the test yourself. Those who test positive will be contacted by the NHS test and trace service within 24 hours to establish who they have been in contact with and could have infected. If positive, the other children and staff attached to that bubble will need to self-isolate and get tested.

Even if the members of that group get tested and this comes back negative, the infection could be incubating and so the 14 days self-isolation still applies.

My child is due to start , so I will need to organise some settling in sessions.

Just to remind you, that settling in sessions will look a little different in that we are unable to allow parents into the preschool.

The majority of paperwork will now be emailed out prior to your child starting, you will then meet with the preschool manager or keyperson to discuss your child’s details and your child will spend time with the keyperson. The team is very experienced at comforting children who are upset, and we will look for ways to make the settling in process as personal as possible in these somewhat changed times.

My child is teething and might require Calpol.

One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature and so we cannot accept any children who require Calpol in case it is masking a temperature.

Is there anything I need to provide?

We would like you to bring a named drinking bottle that can go home at night and be washed. We would also like you to bring 1 bag with everything your child might need for his/her booking pattern and then to take it home on their last sessions.

Please label everything, it is more important than ever that the child wears/holds/drinks from their own belongings.

If your child is on prescribed, long-term medication e.g. for asthma, this must be supplied and handed to the preschool manager/keyworker and complete the relevant forms.

What should I do if there is a long queue to get into preschool?

We have tried out best to organise arrival and drop off times with signs and instructions and will be monitoring the success of these. It would be wise to stand back and wait so as to maintain social distancing or to alter the times you drop-off/collect if at all possible. We trust you will bear with us whilst these new systems are being implemented.

Are the team aware of all the new procedures?

All the teams have received a re-opening induction and, specifically, information on signs and symptoms and how to react to a suspected case of COVID-19, handwashing, good hygiene and social distancing. They have been made aware of the track and trace and understand the requirements of them both inside and outside of preschool. All of them will be redoing certain training modules, reading the new COVID-19 policy and associated risk assessment.

I am sure you will appreciate that this is a learning curve for everyone and that they will all be doing their best to keep everyone safe, so we ask for your support as we work through all these adjustments.

Now that the Government has put in place a track and trace system, it will hopefully help to identify any cases of COVID-19. However, we are trying our best to limit any chance of infection and this is why we have put our safe operating procedures into place.

We do rely on everyone in our community to try and follow the rules outside preschool as well and help keep preschool safe and virus free.

Also, we are continually receiving updates to the guidance so please, bear with us if something has changed since we gave you this information.